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Jazz Girls Day
Hosted at Berkeley High School
by Sarah Cline, dir. of BHS Jazz band
March 11, 2012


New Class Starting October 2, 2023:
Come learn the FUNdamentals of Brazilian percussion! We'll explore different instruments' techniques, and how they all fit together in the bateria (ensemble). This is a beginning class, and will be a 6-week Monday evening series, starting Oct 2. Location is in Richmond, CA (space is limited, first come, etc...) Instruments will be provided. For more information, contact me at percmigo@gmail.com.

I teach kids and adults in a variety of settings: one-on-one, in small groups or larger, classroom groups. I try to integrate technique with fun rhythms, whether we are playing hand drums or using sticks. Creating our own rhythms is equally important as learning traditional ones. I am also open to parents learning along with their child, so it's a shared activity they can take home together.

I am currently accepting private students, or small groups (2-5) of children at my home. I also offer presentations/demonstrations.

Since October 2009, I have had an ongoing class of adults who have been learning Brazilian percussion/rhythms, and periodically offer a series of beginning classes.

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We've learned a lot about different kinds of drums and percussion. Michaelle's taught us all the basics of drumming, plus much more, like complex rhythms and soloing, and it's been very helpful for us in school-both concert and jazz band. She's a really good teacher, very patient, and moves at our pace.
--Amy & Ariana, 5th year students

Both in small classes of 5 and in huge workshops of 40, Michaelle's extraordinary skill as a drummer and as a teacher absolutely shines. And in performance, left to her true craft, she steals the show!
--Susan Appe, music educator

Michaelle taught me how to play drums and how to have fun doing it. She has an awesome studio with a lot of different instruments to experiment with.
--William, age 9

Michaelle is one of the most gifted percussionists in the Bay Area not only because of her mastery of numerous instruments and rhythms from all over the world, but also because of her passion and respect for the roots of the music. As a teacher she has a respectful and gentle nature as she patiently observes and models while breaking down a rhythm or technique into smaller segments. Her classes are well-structured, balanced, fun and I know I am lucky to study with such a talented artist!
--Annette Acosta

It is an absolute JOY to learn from Michaelle! She has the unparalleled ability to encourage and inspire, calling upon her vast knowledge of all things rhythmic while pushing each student above and beyond their expectations. You know that there is something very special happening when learning new and challenging things leaves you beaming, laughing and best of all, making great music!
--Kathryn, 3rd year student